SIZE CHARTS + Weatherproof Me Technology Info

From fabrics to garment protection to gorgeous cuts and stunning shades, Mia Melon has ensured that all of our weatherproof jackets raise the bar in terms of style and efficiency.


DWR Treatment

Your Mia Melon jacket comes preloaded with a high grade, environmentally friendly Durable Water Repellent (DWR) to keep water out, making your jacket as comfortable and wearable as it is beautiful. All weatherproof garments need maintenance - it’s how they remain weatherproof. To determine when you should revive your DWR coating, test your jacket - if the water does not bead/roll off or it, does water bead or roll off of it, it’s time for a reload. Quality DWR can be purchased at any outdoor retailers or directly through our website right here.



One of the most unique aspects of Mia Melon is that we design jackets that are both weatherproof and stylish, a rarity in the industry. We compromise neither efficiency nor style in our quest to bring you durable, high fashion outerwear. Our fabrics play a big role in what sets our jackets apart. Most outdoor stores carry jackets that are certainly weatherproof, but not necessarily stylish. This has a lot to do with the fabrics used.


Most jackets of this type are constructed using fabrics like polyester and nylon, which can offer a lot in terms of weatherproofing, but leave something to be desired in terms of fashion. These fabrics are what give jackets their sporty look, which doesn’t fit every occasion. We identified a need for more fashionable outerwear and we made this a reality, partly by using more urban fabrics.


Thanks to current DWR technology, there’s no reason why a cotton shell can’t perform just as well as a techy-looking poly one. We use stylish, comfortable and luxurious fabrics such as cotton jersey, wool blend, sweater knit, cotton denim, cotton herringbone and cotton twill, because technology can transform any street fabric into a high performance weatherproof wonder.


In addition to this, Mia Melon jackets are made with two very special features;


  • Inner Micro-fleece - Experience cozy comfort with a high quality micro-fleece interior. Luxurious softness ensures the utmost comfort - no scratching or itching.


  • Special Thermal Membrane - Bonded in-between the micro-fleece and wool is the secret to the coat’s performance. We insert a waterproof and windproof thermal membrane that deflects your body heat back towards your body. This membrane is a multitasker- it also acts as a wind barrier, keeping the wind chill out and warmth in. Less material with the same amount of warmth and performance means a lighter feel and a less clunky, more fashionable look.


Weatherproof Construction

Our special Weatherproof Me coating keeps you dry and comfortable in virtually any climate. It’s even been tested by labs and even has the seal of approval from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Significantly less duty is charged on waterproof garments, and as such, are randomly tested for their waterproof capabilities. Mia Melon garments were were among those tested and they passed meticulous inspection with flying colours.

Our jackets are weatherproof and 99 percent waterproof, and the only reason for that missing one percent is that we do not tape the seams of our specially bonded fabrics. Taping the seams would mean sacrificing style. Because we know that sacrificing a mere one percent does not compromise the quality, durability or efficiency of our jackets, we are fully comfortable with our 99% waterproof rating.